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Silvano Follador Prosecco Extra Brut 2022
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Poivre d’Âne 100 Pur Sang Carignan 2022

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Poivre d’Âne is pure old vine Carignan from Languedoc. The wine is vinified in tank with natural yeasts without any additives. After several months on cuve, the wine is bottled unclarified and unfiltered with only a minimal dose of sulphite, giving a very lively wine.

In 2013, three friends with a deep knowledge and passion for wine embarked on a unique journey by establishing their own winery dedicated to natural wines. Situated in the heart of Languedoc, this house is a true haven for natural wine enthusiasts. At its core, it operates as a wine merchant, but with an intriguing twist - they go by the name Poivre d'Âne. Their wines are not just eco-friendly; they are also pure and free from additives. What sets them apart is their remarkable connection with a network of winemakers across regions like the Rhone Valley and Provence. Together, they meticulously choose vineyards and grapes that meet the highest standards of excellence, all while adhering to a single guiding philosophy: crafting wines that are truly alive.
Right from the outset, Poivre d'Âne carried a profound social and political message. They made a resolute choice to eliminate chemicals from their winemaking processes. Instead, they rely on natural yeasts derived from the grapes themselves and use minimal levels of sulfites. This commitment to purity and sustainability is what defines the essence of Poivre d'Âne and its nonconformist winemakers.

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