Bentu Luna Be Luna 2019

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Be Luna is an exclusive Sardinian red wine made by the (almost) eponymous domain Bentu Luna. The domain consists of very small vineyards, each enjoying a unique combination: old vines, sand-clay soil and a Mediterranean microclimate.
The Be Luna comes entirely from the very oldest vines of 115 years – the vineyard was planted in 1905 in Atzara. The grapes are therefore fused with the island: 40% Sardinian Bovale and 35% Cannonau sign for the Be Luna’s main characteristics with. The remaining 25% is Monica.
Spontaneous fermentation starts in 20 Hl cement tanks. Here, the whole berries interspersed with whole bunches begin their fermentation process. A process that takes about 3 weeks, with light manual pressing after 2 weeks. The wine matures for 8 months in second passage oak barriques.
To discover Be Luna is to discover a diamond. The complex and refined nose treats the aficionado to hints of cherry, cinchona bark, tobacco and Mediterranean scrub.The class and finesse are immediately registered on the palate, where a touch of balsamic further highlights the region of origin. Delicious premium wine and also rare, as only 1,300 bottles are made annually.

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