Massolino Langhe Riesling 2017

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Cultivated in Monforte d’Alba at an altitude of around 530 metres above sea level, this Langhe DOC Riesling originates from a passion for this grape variety. The grapes are grown in the highest vineyard on our estate, in Monforte d’Alba, at an altitude of around 530 metres above sea level, where the climatic conditions ensure the freshness and acidity that make Riesling one of the world’s most famous grapes! Langhe DOC Riesling is a sumptuous white wine, suitable for long ageing, and it reaches its peak with fish dishes. Intense and versatile when young, it gains in complexity as it ages. Soil composition: mixed consistency tending towards limestone.Vinified in steel, where it spends between 8 and 10 months in contact with the fermenting lees before being racked and bottled. Part of the wine ages in terracotta amphorae.
More or less intense dull straw yellow depending on the vintage with characteristic “petrol” and mineral scents emerge, with a fresh fruity note when young. Vertical and savoury, the marked acidity typical of the variety emerges, conveying crispness and an endless finish. We recommend serving at temperatures between 12 and 15°C. A very pleasant dry white which encounters the power and structure conveyed by the Langhe hills; intense and versatile when young, this wine is definitely suitable for long ageing. Excellent with fish dishes, especially molluscs and shellfish, it pairs beautifully with white meat and goat’s milk cheeses.

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