Maccario Dringenberg Rossese di Dolceaqua Superiore Pasaú 2021

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A wine from 100% Rossese di Dolceacqua, a grape that may originate from the south of France, but which you will now mainly find in Liguria. The vineyards of Giovanna Maccario are all quite close to each other, but due to the special geological characteristics of the region, the terroir varies greatly. The terroir of this vineyard is sand and silica at 300 meters above sea level in a natural amphitheatre. The locals appropriately gave this place the name “Place of Rest”, which in local dialect translates as “Posau”.

Harvested by hand, fermentation with natural yeasts and ageing in stainless steel tank to preserve the character as well as possible.
The alcohol percentage is 14% and only 4000 bottles of Posaú are released on the market every year.

Gambero Rosso: Tre Bicchieri!

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