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Silvano Follador Prosecco Extra Brut 2022
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La Vedetta Freisa d'Asti 2022

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La Vedetta is a small organic winery, 3.5 hectares (10,000 bottles)! MARCO VIGLINO & SWANTJE RAUSCH their adventure began in 2016 when they returned to Italy (from Germany) to continue Marco's family wine tradition in Barbaresco! They quickly turned La Vedetta into a standout winery! They produce Langhe Nebbiolo, Barbera d'Asti (Sarasino and Superiore), Barbaresco & Barbaresco Ca Grossa, Langhe Nebbiolo, Freisa d'Asti and Swanti Vino Rosso! All very excellent!
Locally in the Langhe, this estate is a cool hype among Nebbiolo Geeks.

"We are lucky to live in an area that already has everything: beauty, goodness, a vocation for excellence. But we want to experience it with new eyes , which never tire of observing, understanding, investigating: a watchful eye for tradition, a tireless aptitude for creativity. My story is that of a comeback . Classical studies, degree in Economics and internship abroad, where I worked for some multinationals. Meanwhile, my hills changed. From a provincial town to the centre of the world: while wine and truffles attracted people from everywhere, the Langhe countryside was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
In Germany, I met Swantje, my partner, and with her I started planning my return. I wanted to rediscover the places of my childhood through the project that would have given me the most pleasure : restoring the family vineyards and making good use of them.
In 2016, I quit my job and threw myself feverishly into the vineyard . I started studying, experimenting. With the help of my uncle Michele , who has always known these lands, and the oenologist Piero Ballario , we created a wine that spoke of my roots, of my love for the Langhe, of the simple complexity of these places."

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