Cherubini Dosaggio Zero “Sui Generis”

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Sui Generis
After a soft pressing Chardonnay awaits spontaneous vinification in cement barrels for about 20 days after soft pressing. After fermentation, the wine is again transferred to these barrels to rest. This base wine does not undergo any clarification or stabilization treatments. After a minimum of 36 months of aging, the residue is removed and refilled with the same wine and no further additions!The Sui Generis Blanc de Blanc shows a beautiful pale golden color. Flowers and exotic fruits structure an excellent nose. Bold and elegant on the palate.

Do you know the sparkling wines of Franciacorta? They all come from an area in Lombardy that is bordered by, among other things, the Lago d’Iseo and the city of Brescia. With the domain Cherubini we are just outside this zone, a little more east.In a natural park outside Brescia, dotted with rolling hills, we find the valley that gives Cherubini its identity. Over the centuries, water kept bringing new layers of soil here. This created a terroir that can best be compared to a lasagna. The rocks here are bursting with lime, the subsoil consists mainly of clay. This valley also enjoys a constant light breeze and fluctuating temperatures. Soil and climate give Cherubini’s wines their characteristic minerality and acidity.Weed killers and pesticides are ignored here. The underlying philosophy? As little intervention as possible, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. This also explains the choice for classic Zero Dosage methods – the ripening only takes place in cement tanks. This guarantees products that fully represent their terroir.
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