Condé Predappio Cru Raggio Brusa 2015

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Raggio Brusa is the product of the best grapes from the vineyard of the same name, planted with Sangiovese and perfectly exposed to the East. It is this optimal exposure to the morning light that gives it its name Raggio Brusa, or ”Burning Ray“. This wine has an intense dark and clear ruby colour. The nose picks up the intensity of the fruit, characterised by intense notes of cherry and blackberry, typical of the variety, which then gives way to floral and balsamic Mediterranean brush, leather and damp soil. The mouth is powerful and crisp, with tannins of rare elegance.
It closes with hints of savoury and a long persistent finish, crying out for another sip. It is capable of long life and evolution in the bottle.

Condé is the parental domain of Chiara Condello and since 2015 she has also been in charge of vineyards and winemaking here. Work is done with respect for biodiversity and thus without chemicals. The wines show great purity and are the ultimate expression of the local varietal of Sangiovese, the Sangiovese di Predappio on this limestone-clay soil. This combination gives elegant wines that develop particularly long and beautiful.

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