Domaine des Accoles PolySève 2020

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PolySève is the domain’s only composite wine. All the grapes harvested in a year come into this wine in the proportions of that year’s harvest, basically the blend of the entire harvest.
Florence and Olivier Leriche took care of Domaine Arlot in Nuits St Georges for 13 years. However, the lure of their roots was too great and they relocated to the Rhône valley. They discovered an ideally located group of vineyards in Saint-Marcel d’ Ardèche and in 2011 Domaine des Accoles saw the light of day. They focus on biodynamic and naturally vinified wines, pure terroir wines raised in used barrels from Domaine de l’Arlot. This is followed by a very long rest period ‘en masse’ to stabilise the wines.

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