Le Piane Maggiorina 2021

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Maggiorino is the name of an old way of planting. The vines are planted with 3 or 4, often different varieties, in 1 hole. Christoph Künzli is in favor of this because this way has several advantages, the disadvantage is mainly that everything has to be done manually.

Since 2010, the domain has been working with ampelographer Anna Schneider to identify and replant the different varieties in these old vineyards. Some of these varieties only exist in these vineyards:
1 croatina / uga del zio
2 vespolina
3 spanna / nebbiolo
4 bonarda / uva rara
5 dolcetto di Boca
6 greco / erbaluce
7 tinturie
8 barbera
9 durasa
10 slarina
11 frejsa
12 rastajola
13 baratuciat
14 muscatel / malvasia I
15 malvasia II large berry

All grapes are picked and fermented together. The result is a very exciting, complex wine that is also and above all just damn tasty!

Decanter:Aromas of marasca cherry, red plum and violets. Medium-bodied, with lively acidity, round tannins and very good persistence. Lovely blend of more than a dozen local varieties from very old vines that offers excellent complexity and marvellous charm.” 91/100
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