Muraje Carema Sumié 2020

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Carema is a very small area, the vineyards cover a total of barely 16ha … Deborah and Federico have only just started in this highest part of Piedmont, just across the border from Aosta Valley. In this bucolic landscape they manage 1.50 hectares of old vineyards in pergola. These are spread over just 50 different plots, most of which can only be reached on foot or by donkey! Vinification is modern, but with respect for the traditions.

The Carema Sumié 2017 was the first year under this name and the first wine to be fully vinified and aged in their own small cellar in Carema.
This 2020 is their finest so far, a great achievement. The wine is made from 90% Picotener, the local Nebbiolo clone and 10% local grapes such as Neyret, Pugnet and Ner d’Ala. And the wine? One word: sublime !! What a pure wine, like a gurgling mountain stream with a dazzling bouquet with aromas of roses and fine red fruit with that hint of iron in the background. Light, subtle and supple on the palate, but now also very intense and powerful (14%!), faut le faire! Definitely worth exploring, but unfortunately only a few bottles of this wine are available every year …

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