Ridolfi Rosa di Mercatale frizzante 2022

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Merk: Cherubini
Ter info: Sparkling Frizzante Sangiovese petnat Montalcino Italy

A new wine from Ridolfi: pure Sangiovese from Montalcino is given a short 2-hour maceration which gives a beautiful salmon hue. The wine re-ferments in the bottle but is not disgorged afterwards. So the natural sediments remain in the wine, which can give a somewhat hazy appearance. It is a sparkling, salmon-coloured rosé with fine pearling, aromas of woodland strawberries and other small forest fruits, cherry, peach and fresh sour-sweet apple. And a soft, balanced taste. Very nice as an aperitif and with raw fish, oriental cuisine, fish and shellfish, cold cuts and cheeses. And with pizza, of course!

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