Stefano Zoli Verdicchio di Matelica 2022

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Stefano Zoli looks like the lead singer of a heavy metal band. Yet you shouldn’t think of Metallica, you should think of Matelica.
Matelica is the name of the valley in the heart of the Marche, where Stefano has developed his small vineyard. In the backdrop of the mighty Apennines, here stretches a valley with large temperature differences between day and night, ancient chalky soil and pure mountain air.

Viticulture as an art
Stefano compares his vineyard to a monument. A rough stone shaped by man. Yet nature continues to act on it too. The vines here are at least 50 years old.
Less than one hectare in size is Stefano’s work of art. Only in this way does dedication and patience lead to top quality. Nature dictates the law. Time is respected as an ingredient.

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