Vouette & Sorbée Champagne Brut Nature “Fidèle”

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Merk: Vouette & Sorbée
Ter info: Champagne Schuimwijn Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay

The cuvée “Fidèle” comes from pure kimméridgien lime, which we know from nearby Chablis. Very rich, oily, complex Champagne with wonderfully refreshing mineral undertones. Highly recommended.
Vouette & Sorbée is a small estate of 5ha of biodynamically grown vineyards in the Côte des Bar. They only make Champagnes from one grape, one year and one plot, the ultimate terroir expression. All wines ferment in wooden barrels with natural yeasts and are not dosed, i.e. Brut Nature. These wines are effectively “natural wine” and are already a hype, which makes it difficult for us to get enough of them: only 24 bottles come our way every year. And the Champagnes? Simply sublime! The ideal combination of intellectual pleasure and pure drinking pleasure.

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